The Strategy

Those seeking to stop RMDs should look no further than Senior Opinions. An individual is not required to take a distribution from a Qualified Plan (401(k), Profit Sharing, or Pension Plan) after age 70 ½ if still working for the Plan Sponsor and not a 5% or greater owner. Work for Senior Opinions and rollover your Qualified Plan Assets including IRAs to the Senior Opinion’s Profit Sharing Plan.  Stop RMDs.

The Implementation


Contact Senior Opinions


Complete employment application


If approved, complete employment contract and become an employee of Senior Opinions


Begin reviewing restaurants and movies


Open new account. Your retirement account will be titled in the name of the plan with you as trustee of the account. All else stays the same…investment advisor, custodian & investments.


Maintain complete authority over your account


Receive compensation for reviews


Receive an annual salary plus a set stipend per review


Receive an annual profit sharing contribution

If you are ready to stop your RMDs, please contact the Senior Opinions team.

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